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ANAMEDIA, a place nobody knew existed, harbours a secret waiting to be revealed

Everything begins in a place called Levanda, where you'll soon realize that your journey is just about to become far more complex than you expected.

In fact, the giant willow tree looks deserted and the friend you were supposed to meet, didn't wait for you. Why?

Thanks to a diary written by a stranger named Karr,  you'll discover the existence of an unknown land called ANAMEDIA, whose fragile equilibrium is kept alive by massive machinery.

But that illusive idyllic land is now on the brink of collapse, as these machines lie idle.

You'll have to reach ANAMEDIA using your own strength.
It will be up to you to restore stability to that world, unveiling its origins, culture and language.


ANAMEDIA is a 2D explorative adventure full of logical puzzles that you’ll find quite varied in typology and difficulty.

The game is under heavy development since 2015 and we hope that our undeniable passion for classic point-and-click, and for the Myst series in particular, satisfies everyone who loves this genre.


- O.S. : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

- CPU : 2 Gh

- RAM : 2 Gb

- Graphic Card : 256 MB - OpenGL 2.o

- space required : now 1 GB

Sorry, we have decided to withdraw the demo that no longer matches what the final version will be.
Actually, during the development we have made several changes and improvements to Anamedia's gameplay and graphics.
That's why the current demo would result obsolete.  
Every choice we made was driven by the need to guarantee a satisfying experience in all aspects.
So please be patient and wait for the next updates.


Screenshots and Worlds creation



Hello Ladies, just finished demo.... I must say that you have a huge hit on your hands!.... all MYST gamers will love this, and you will probably have new recruits to this type of gaming. I don't think this will be an easy game, but that's great!!!!

Will be looking forward to the complete game next year.....

(Alan W.)

I wanted to share that I've been playing the demo of Anamedia, and it looks just beautiful! It DOES have a nice Myst-like quality, and I'm already intrigued by the story! You've done such a nice job so far, and I'm really looking forward to the finshed game now!

Tracy, who's first game "love" was Myst, and so is very excited today about your game!

Being an addicted Mystaholic, I'm really having fun with this game demo!


.beh complimenti di cuore!... siete state resa grafica è super, riesci veramente a creare ambienti suggestivi ( vedono anche le influenze dei giochi storici del genere, però riviste con un tocco personale...) ma non fini a sè stessi, quanto piuttosto congegnali al gioco e alla trama...anche gli enigmi sono ben costruiti e integrati a trama+grafica e si vede che anche la tua amica ha esperienza e passione ...è stato divertente provarlo e non vedo l'ora che Anamedia sia completo...

...siete veramente bravissime e dal vostro lavoro traspare la vostra complimento più grande che posso farvi (credetemi) è che aspetterò la versione finale di Anamedia con la stessa impazienza di Rhem5!!!...e questo è il top...

(Michele M.)

J'ai joué vos 2 demos d'Anamedia, ... excellent... ça m'a permis de découvrir votre jeu... suis impatient qu'il soit terminé pour visiter les mondes des sphères (Tusan, Redco, Samgo & Terwin) !


Il vostro gioco è riuscito a toccare le mie corde di avventuriero come pochi prodotti hanno saputo fare negli ultimi anni. Lo stile grafico che mescola modelli tridimensionali a paesaggi e scorci reali mi ha convinto, gli enigmi complessi e ben congegnati mi hanno riportato alle atmosfere di Amerzone e Opera Fatal, due giochi a me molto cari. Insomma siete riuscite a recuperare lo spirito più autentico delle storiche AG in prima persona dei passati decenni. La vostra avventura è tanto essenziale quanto percorsa da una vena poetica e malinconica, un connubio che riesce a infonderle un'anima.


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