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Independent Game Studio

"No matter if there is life somewhere in space. Everything dies but knowledge"

Terran researchers have found evidence of a new undiscovered planet in the galaxy.
Your journey begins landing on Riddoh.
Three strange domes tower over the city, now destroyed and uninhabited, as the last relics of an extinct alien civilization.
What secrets are contained in those domes? 

Explore a mysterious land and solve some challenging puzzles.

Winner of the Black Cube Jam  promoted by on GameJolt, this short game, released in December 2016, was developed in 6 days only.

This remastered version contains some graphic improvements and additional contents, such as the full history of Riddoh.

Need help? Here the Walkthrough



Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

32 - 64 bit

- CPU : 2 Gh

- RAM : 2 Gb

- Graphic card : 256 MB - OpenGL 2.o

- space required : 100 Mb

Mac 64 bit

Linux 64 bit

You can download the game from these sites.

You don't need to login to download the game.

Riddoh eng


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